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4 reviews for Skin Care Yena 2020

  1. 1kewlglamma

    My favorite body cream for several years, this cream is truly unfragranced, it’s easy to apply, and sinks into skin quickly with no sticky feeling. Long-lasting moisturization that keeps my skin feeling comfortable. A very good product overall at a good price…

  2. Rose

    I ended up buying this after using my sister’s and seeing it used by people on social media for dry skin. I have very flaky and dry skin and this really helps my face feel moisturized and ever since using this, along with other products like skin care prep and just being on that skin care game, my face is no longer flaky and super dry. I really recommend this and the jar is VERY big and I don’t need a lot of product so I know it’s gonna last a while. I also do have sensitive skin so this product gets a pass from me

  3. Esthi

    I love this lotion. it is easy applicable, absorbs into the skin quickly, non greasy, long lasting and scent free. My dry skin loves it as well and it is now nice and smooth. use for whole body is great after shower or bath.

  4. Adriana

    Hidratante, la uso con un adulto mayor (94 años)
    Mantiene su piel hidratada a pesar de lo delgado de su piel..

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