InstaBoost Conditioning Color Masque

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Forever 21, HM, Lacote, Mango, Six8, Uniquilo, Versatile, Zara


Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow


L, M, S, X, XL, XXL

5 reviews for InstaBoost Conditioning Color Masque

  1. Yerica Diaz

    I bought it for my hair because I dyed it with red highlights and this way I can maintain the color longer. Love it!

  2. Elizabeth Cavitt

    I have tried color depositing shampoo before and maybe felt like the color didn’t fade as fast, but this is definitely more red, and noticeably so, even after 1 use. My hair also felt great and like I’d used my normal/ for curly hair conditioner. I’m very pleased with the results and will keep using.

  3. Taylor Bennett

    I really didn’t like this the first few times I used it because it turned my hair a super vibrant red when I’m trying to maintain more of a copper color. Then I figured it out – to get a nice boost of copper color, MIX IT 50/50 with your normal conditioner to tone it down a bit. After doing it that way it came out beautifully!! Exactly what I was looking for! And that will make it last longer too so it’s a win win. It does bleed a little if you dry your hair with a while towel so be careful of that.

  4. Hillary Smith

    This does add a nice boost in color if you have blonde in your hair. I typically have a lot of highlights and that it really the only part of my hair it stuck to. My hair had been colored red but it faded quickly as red dye does but my hair all looked even. My roots didn’t look like they had any added color at all after using this. And after washing it it just looks like I have really grown out roots. I tried brushing on damp hair, and using in the shower. I saturated my roots well. Still nothing. I’ve used much better products.

  5. Rose Of Sharon Rice

    Trust the reviews on the rose gold color! It does NOTHING. There was no change in my hair color and I put this rose gold color onto bright blonde hair (level 9/10ish for those that care). I was so incredibly disappointed. Spend your money elsewhere.

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